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Detailed Statistics

Their is nothing worse than spending all your time, money and resources in the planning and execution of your LIVE event... and then having no idea how effective it was. Did you reach 5 people or 5 million? With Smith Media Group's FREE Live Stats you will have access to LIVE statistics of how many people are streaming your service, the states or countries of origin, and what device is being used and for how long!

Think about the potential: You can now identify areas in which to host partner events or advertise new resources and upcoming conferences and events. Your ministry will grow as you utilize our detailed, statistical information about your viewers!

Live Streaming For Churches Dashboard
(Screenshot: Client Dashboard Stats Page)

Works easy on all devices

From your living room TV to your phone or tablet, our platform works seamlessly on all your devices.

Live Streaming For Churches Testimony From Pastor

I find streaming on my iPhone to be simple and easy! It's the perfect solution for watching live events on the go.

Jack, San Francisco

Live Streaming For Churches On Mobile Devices, Tablets & More

Live Streaming Made Simple!

Are you tired of the time intense and exhausting process of archiving your LIVE events? If so, you'll love the amount of free time you'll save with our Automatic Archiving feature. Our Automatic Archiving feature captures, encodes and adds your video to wherever your player is embeded within just minutes of the conclusion of your live event. Imagine never having to worry - or even think about - archiving your video and audio ever again!

Live Streaming Equipment For Churches Is Now Easy And Affordable!


month to month

  • 100 Concurrent Livestreamers
  • 1 yr Archiving
  • $250 Start Up Cost
  • Free Technical Support
month to month

  • 250 Concurrent Livestreamers
  • 3 yr Archiving
  • $250 Start Up Cost
  • Free Technical Support
month to month

  • 500 Concurrent Livestreamers
  • 5 yr Archiving
  • $250 Start Up Cost
  • Customized iOS / Android apps
  • Free Technical Support

Add Ons:
  • Standard iOS and Android app - $25 per month
  • Customized iOS and Android app - $60 per month
  • Roku - $20 per month
  • Apple TV - $20 per month
  • Liveshell X - $500 start up cost or $30 per month leasing and can do Facebook Live and record locally.

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